All over the world and in corporate settings, women are not only underpaid as compared to men, but they also have to work harder to achieve the same goal. Conversations about gender inequality in the workplace are considered relevant only to women and often struggle to make the impact they need.

We wanted to illustrate this problem to the workforce as a whole, regardless of gender.

So we created a visually impactful metaphor that creates a moment of pause. Step in inequality goes beyond creating awareness, it puts everyone in a moment that creates empathy.


Art Director

Kazunori Shiina


A few months ago, a Spanish blogger and Twitter influencer called Lehanan Aida discovered our project and tweeted it out to her followers. What followed was more than we could ever believe. With over 40K likes and 30K retweets, our project suddenly went viral. It was covered by Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and Elle Europe among others.



Clio Student, Gold

One Show, Bronze

New York Festival, Finalist

Addy New York, Gold

Addy District 2, Gold 

Addy National, Winner

46th Creativity International Awards (Silver)

Applied Arts (Winner)




We worked with the University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, to bring our concept to life. We’re also in talks with the

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