Chandani Karnik

 A meandering film without a plot.

The film opens on a dusty Dubai afternoon. The intro is filled with sibling rivalry and scraped knees. Cute. Cut to the present, the plot is instantly lost.

There are not enough jokes to be a comedy, not enough love to be a romance, not enough money to be a success story. It’s almost as if the Director was just winging it. The lead character could have been played better by Dev Patel, IMO. It’s human, but almost to a fault, if you know what I mean. There are too many nights spent in general debauchery, too many problems solved with whole pints of Ben and Jerry’s, too many reruns rewatched and too many dogs with “fluffy butts” followed down streets. Would give this one 3.5 stars.

Also, can I just say for a film that calls itself International, nobody expected so many Bollywood song and dance sequences?