Food Hub by amazon fresh


 Whether it is quick recipe videos or someone’s brunch, today, we’re consuming more food related content than ever before. So how can Amazon Fresh tap into this behavior and use it to increase awareness about the variety of its produce and the services it offers?

We realized that watching delicious food makes foodies want to try it.




We created a microsite which took the term “food porn” to a new level. "Food Hub" is the biggest compilation of food porn on the internet, with categories which will appeal to every taste.

 The live cams are linked to social media channels of the best food bloggers and the ads direct users to other products on Amazon.




How it Works

For the first time, foodies who obsessively watch recipe videos will be able to purchase ingredients in one click, without ever leaving the microsite. The ingredients get added to their Amazon Fresh cart which they can check out whenever they want.





Print Ads

Targeted to foodies and quintessential Amazon users, these ads spark curiosity about FoodHub.






We create a Snapchat channel that showcases a new recipe everyday.



Messenger Bot

The Food Hub messenger bot lets you choose what you want to eat and suggests recipes accordingly.



Watch the complete case here.