Hey! I am Chandani.

(Pronounced Chan-the-knee)

I share my name with a Blockbuster Bollywood movie and a Netflix documentary.

About 90%* of all Hindi songs ever written include my name. Of course, I was teased relentlessly throughout middle school.

*Data gathered by listening to all Hindi songs ever written.

I'm from India

Micheal Scott and I are both ENFP personalities. Does that say something about me? 🤔

 Probably just that everybody loves me and thinks my jokes are hilarious.

If I ever invent my own religion, this is what Heaven would look like.

giphy-downsized (4).gif

If I'm thinking about what to say, it's usually after I have already said it.

Do you admire my listicle-making abilities? Do you envy my selection of on point and strategy driven gifs?

call me!